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Inmarsat's Sat Phone

The isatphone 2 Satellite phone is the obvious choice for all casual, adventurer and emergency users. It has earned its place in the harsh Australian climate. Now with pre paid sim cards and no contracts required.

IRIDIUM 9555  
Iridium satellite

The Iridium 9555 satellite phone is the back bone for mining explorers. Its trusted reputation of being the most reliable sat phone ever has made it one of our favourites and one also for the regular user in remote locations or out at sea.

Iridium Global Network

The Iridium 9575 extreme satellite phone has been here a year now and is a welcome addition to the existing 9555 and compliments it with a number of upgraded features like GPS monitoring and Man down button


Satellite Phone Sales are no new comers to the satellite scene and have been serving the Australian consumers and businesses alike for over 9 years. 

We are Australia's largest selling independent satellite phone online store all thanks to you. Through our understanding of the alternative satellite phones available today and the maze of pre paid or contracted airtime options, we are happy to spend time with you explaining these to make sure you are getting the right equipment for the right job and to ensure you are not spending more money than necessary.

Our competition tend to be the big multinationals that often don't offer the personal one on one local service that we are famous for and make you sign up for lengthy airtime contracts. That's the difference you see,  we understand you have a choice and are prepared to work hard for you to make sure you get the correct advice from our local and highly experienced team at Satellite Phone Sales. 

With a local call centre you can call us anytime and we will talk through your options depending on the type of travel or journey your going on. Our experts do nothing but this 7 days a week, so if you want to talk to the experts and get the best advice and the equipment at the best price contact us to on 1300 197 600


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